benefits of apprenticeship

Looking to take your first step on the career ladder, or change the direction of your career? Undertaking an apprenticeship is ideal for those that are looking to achieve a recognised qualification while also gaining industry experience and earning while they learn.  

Apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds, a regular income and training to help you achieve your qualification.

Here at JRNY training we offer a range of apprenticeships to suit the interests of learners and meet the needs of businesses.

There are a whole host of benefits to undertaking an apprenticeship, we have listed a few keys benefits below. 

Earn while you learn

For many people, the opportunity to earn while they learn instead of the costly expenses of university life is one of the main apprenticeship benefits that draws them in.

Right from day one you will be paid a salary by your employer just like any other employee.

Gain a recognised qualification

As an apprentice a proportion of your working hours will be spent studying for your qualification.

Apprenticeships are highly focussed on helping you develop and achieve the skills, experience, and qualifications that employers want you to have. 

Real jobs that make an impact

Although a proportion of your time will be spent studying, most of the time you will be doing a real job that has a real impact on the organisation that you are working for.

Doing real job gives you a sense of purpose and greater confidence in your abilities

Support whenever you need it

You will never be alone when completing an apprenticeship. There will always be someone on-hand to show you how things are done, usually a dedicated mentor or tutor.

If you have any questions about techniques, terminology or anything related to the industry, you can instantly ask your manager. Asking questions, taking on more responsibility and trying new things will help you get the best of your apprenticeship.

Opportunities to progress your career

Getting on the career ladder earlier means that there is potential for you to progress in your career quickly.

Often when you undertake an apprenticeship with an organisation you could be offered a full-time position upon completion.

This allows you to progress in a company that is already aware of your skills and capabilities.

Strengthen your CV

You will be hitting the ground running developing a range of new skills and developing your knowledge from day one. Apprenticeships are for those with a real can-do attitude.

Even if you are not offered a permanent position upon completion of your apprenticeship, you would have really strengthened your CV.

The skills that you would have learnt together with the contacts you have made will put you in a good position when it comes to searching for your next position.  

An apprenticeship gives you two very important things upon which you can build a career: a qualification – usually in a specific trade or vocation – and genuine work experience within a certain role.

Both of these things, along with all the transferable skills you’ll pick up along the way, will enhance your employability and improve your future prospects.

Ready to take the next step?

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Alternatively, find out more about the different apprenticeships on offer on the Government website.